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SolarisCare Finalist: WA Health Excellence Awards 2016

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Dr Joske EY 2016 Western Region Social Entrepreneur

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SolarisCare Red Sky Ride 2016

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From our Centres: SolarisCare South West Renovation

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The SolarisCare South West facility in Bunbury received a much needed makeover during September, its first touch up since it opened in 2010. The redevelopment was designed to heighten and refine their care and experience at the centre.  The centre improvements focused on four main areas The front garden, the internal property, the rear garden and the shed.  A reflection area was also created.


The project will be a collaborative effort with members of the John Curtin Weekend Volunteer, Masters Home Improvements and the South West Community. Funds raised through SolarisCare Dry July campaigns have been integral to the success of this important community development. The facilitation of the garden would not be achieved without the help of dedicated volunteers who donated their time and skills to ensure the highest quality and care is taken throughout the project. 


“Masters is very happy to be given the opportunity to be involved with this very worthwhile cause. When first approached by SolarisCare to support and be involved in a project at Sir Charles Gardener Hospital cancer centre, we were more than happy to assist with both product and associates, and now that we have been once again approached to assist in the revitalisation of the Cancer Centre in Bunbury, it was a very easy decision to give our support once again with  products donated  to the centre and Masters associates on hand to roll up their sleeves and lend a hand.” Paul Skelton Masters Home Improvements WA


The SolarisCare South West Garden will be open to all patients, families, volunteers and staff who visit the centre, providing a place of reflection and relaxation.


David Edwards, CEO of SolarisCare Foundation commented “The garden represents exactly what SolarisCare stand for, a diverse group of people bringing the community together for the benefit of cancer patients and their families. The effort of all parties will make a significant difference to all patients, families, volunteers and staff who visit the centre.”


SolarisCare would like to thank the following people and organisations for their support throughout this project:

· John Curtin Weekend Volunteers

· Masters Home Improvements

· Dobson's Painting Contractors

· Reg McIvor, Geoff Sales, Russell Anderson

· Phil Hastie Gas and Plumbing

· Armac Stump Grinding

· Eazy Bins

· Jonathan Fenwick Manea College

· Jetline Kerbing Concrete and Retaining Walls

· Soils aint soils

· Nevs Carpentry Service

· Bunbury Flooring Xtra

· Acquire Homewares

· South West SolarisCare & Community Volunteers



Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Study Benefits Cancer Survivors

2016-04-14 16:11:24

Participation in a mindfulness-based stress reduction study has shown significant and ongoing improvements in cancer-related cognitive impairment amongst cancer survivors.


              Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is a technique designed to assist individuals with pain, stress and a wide range of chronic disorders and disease.   The program uses a combination of mindfulness meditation and yoga to promote awareness of the connection between their mind and body.  Cancer-related cognitive impairment (CRCI) commonly referred to as ‘chemo brain’ is a common side effect amongst cancer survivors. CRCI is a fatigue-related symptom causing a ‘fuzziness’ for which few interventions exist. For many, this will impact their lifestyle impacting social relationships, work ability and confidence.


A current study recently published in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship evaluates the effects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction; “disrupting Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction for Breast and Colorectal Cancer Survivors: Effects on Cancer-related Cognitive Impairment”. The first randomised clinical trial of its kind.


The study evaluated the progress and development of two groups; one group who participated in the MBSR program and the control group which received patient education materials and supportive counselling. MBSR participants attended a two hour class over an eight week program led by skilled facilitators. Participants reported significantly greater improvement in the areas of attention and accuracy, and made fewer mistakes on difficult cognitive tasks than those in the control group. 1


Additional studies have shown MBSR, has a positive and continuing impact on cancer survivors, with many maintaining a program post study3.  One study assessed the effectiveness of a multidimensional approach to assist with post cancer care, involving the combined use of exercise and MBSR. The study demonstrated exercise was an effective approach for improving many of the physiological discrepancies and MBSR assisted in improving the emotional wellbeing and stress management capabilities of cancer survivors.


A further study focusing on cancer related fatigue reported significant reduction in fatigue, depression and sleep disturbance. Follow up results showed a strengthening of previous outcomes with the added occurrence of a reduction in anxiety.


Cancer survivors may experience various physiological and psychological effects from their treatment; as a result overall wellbeing and quality of life may be reduced. Current rehabilitation approaches for cancer survivors can often be one dimensional, focusing on either physical or mental wellbeing. An integrated approach to survivorship care is required, combining the use of evidence-based techniques such as MBSR and exercise to assist in the physical and mental healing of each individual.


1. Johns, Shelley A., Diane Von Ah, Linda F. Brown, Kathleen Beck-Coon, Tasneem L. Talib, Jennifer M. Alyea, Patrick O. Monahan, Yan Tong, Laura Wilhelm, and R. Brian Giesler. "Randomized controlled pilot trial of mindfulness-based stress reduction for breast and colorectal cancer survivors: effects on cancer-related cognitive impairment." Journal of Cancer Survivorship (2015): 1-12.
2. Marshall, Timothy F. "Exercise and Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction: A Multidimensional Approach Towards Cancer Survivorship Care." Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 12 (2016): 62-67.
3. Johns, Shelley A., Linda F....

SolarisCare Foundation and Tambellup Women’s Cancer Support Group

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SolarisCare Community Garden Officially Opened

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Unique fundrasier from Albany to Perth

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