Dry July

Solaris Cancer Care is proud to be a beneficiary of Dry July.

Dry July is an annual fundraiser which challenges participants to go alcohol-free for a month to support adults living with cancer. The event aims to improve the wellbeing of adult cancer patients by providing funds to create better services and environments for them and their families.

Individual’s sign up to the online campaign are supported by an online community of other participants, ambassadors and partners providing advice, help and encouragement throughout the challenge. DJ’s (Dry.July. er [dee-jay] noun: a person or team actively sponsored to participate in Dry July) recognise a multitude of benefits themselves such as increased energy levels, a clearer head and clearer skin!

SolarisCare is excited to be involved in such a great community event. Over the years that SolarisCare has been involved with Dry July, we have been honoured by the commitment and passion of our DJ’s whose efforts secure vital funding for us to provide free supportive care to cancer patients and family members.

Current Dry July funded projects include:

  • SolarisCare Community Garden Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital
  • SolarisCare Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital centre refurbishment
  • Patient massage chairs at SolarisCare Great Southern
  • SolarisCare South West Centre renovation
  • SolarisCare South West Community Garden
  • New massage tables at all centres
  • Patient information resources including library, complementary integrated therapies brochures,
  • Skype counselling service

To learn more about Dry July visit: www.dryjuly.com