Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Solaris Cancer Care is to be recognised as the leaders in providing proven quality of life care for cancer patients and their carers.

Our Mission

In a nurturing environment provide access to:

  • safe and supervised complementary therapies,
  • a reliable information service,
  • qualitative and quantitative research,
  • support and personalised care

through our highly skilled volunteer and staff network whilst embracing mainstream medical treatments.

We will achieve this with the continued support of our key stakeholders, sponsors, donors and supporters.

Our Values

Care: To always help and comfort others in a supportive environment is essential to the physical and psychological well being of all individuals.

Empowerment:  Creating strength through knowledge and support

Compassion: Be empathetic to others who seek comfort to alleviate the pain and distress of cancer

Respect: We will act in a respectful manner to all who associate with us.

Community:  Working together to achieve our common goals