Chemo Club

Moving for quality of life as it is now, and toward the future.


The Chemo Club is a free, specially designed, exercise program for cancer patients currently undergoing chemotherapy, and other cancer treatments.

Exercise has been shown to reduce the side effects from cancer treatment, improve energy levels, aid immune function, and may even improve outcomes in some types of cancer. Each session is attended by volunteer physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and trained nurses.

For access to the Chemo Club you will need to present your SolarisCare treatment card.


The Chemo Club Perth is a donation-in-kind from Steve Smith & Aspire Fitness to the SolarisCare Foundation.

The Chemo Club Albany is a donation in-kind from BodyCare Health Club to the SolarisCare Foundation. 



The Chemo Club at Aspire Fitness

Claremont Golf Club

Lapsley Road CLAREMONT
Thursdays Only
Classes commence, 11:00am
Please arrive 10mins early to register.
(No appointment necessary)
Phone:   (08) 9385 0424


The Chemo Club at BodyCare Health Clubs

Cnr North Rd and Lion Street, Albany
Tuesday & Thursday, 11:00 am - 12:00 noon.
(No appointment necessary)
Phone: (08) 9842 2762


Patient Testimonials

"I have definitely benefited from my participation at the Chemo Club gym. I believe my treatment was more effective as my body was physically prepared to get through. Although recovery can be slow and frustrating, I am seeing great improvement from getting back into physical exercise to get my strength and energy back. The exercise, however, is only part of it."

"Being at Chemo Club surrounds you with people who are in a similar boat, so there is never a shortage of a listening ear and understanding. The volunteer staff make sure you are well looked after and provide a superb level of care and expertise. I will always consider Chemo Club as being a significant part of my preparation, treatment and recovery as well as a gathering of encouraging and brave people"


"... I crawled in (to the Chemo Club) like a miserable rat after chemo yesterday and an hour later walked out feeling a lot better and have gone back to good for me and good for productivity. The Chemo Club has become the most important part of my week really makes a difference. On a scale of 0-10 on my nausea this morning, I would have been an 8 and at the end of a gentle workout, I'm sitting on about a 5"